Money Collected During the Mass; Our Lady of Penafrancia Feast 2008

A total cash of $400was collecteduring the mass. There was also some checks received from; Mr. & Mrs Edilberto Salazar of $25, Mr. & Mrs Alfredo Dedeles of $20, and Mr. & Mrs. Arturo Abella of $50 *** These checks though were not yet cleared because it was made out for Our Lady of Penafrancia. Our account for Our Lady of Penafrancia is still not yet ready at the moment because of some legal and security matters. We will update you on that as soon as it is ready to be use. ***

$200 was donated to the offeciating priest, Fr. John Marabe.
$100 was also donated to Fr. Cyril for helping out during the mass.
$200 was donated to the church for letting us use their function hall.
$100 cash was given to our very first benefactor, Oliver De Jesus *we will update you on his current situation*.

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